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Growing up on a farm in the Amish region of central Pennsylvania, Bill would have many conversations with his family on their wraparound front porch—especially with his grandfather, Pap.

Pap’s assignment, or at least part of it, was to prepare his grandson for the lessons he’d receive later in life from the Everywhere.

As a youngster, Bill sensed the Everywhere, which is like a waterless ocean of all that is. In our current lives, we are part of the whole. Lives now, before, and after sort of happen concurrently, although the only life we currently sense is our present life, which we refer to as “life as we know it.”

In Here, There, and Everywhere, Bill reveals the core lessons he learned from his grandfather: family, love, honor, trust, and peace, explaining their significance to our journeys into the Everywhere.

Excerpt from Here, There, and Everywhere

It Begins…

September 12, 2016, life took an interesting turn. It was 5:15 AM. Apparently, I have been preparing for this for a long time. This is the day after I met with a friend who is intuitively gifted. I poured my coffee, turned up the heat and put on my blue hoodie.

As I sat down with my laptop, I opened a new document and waited. Why am I doing this? I don’t know. Then thoughts started pouring in and I began to type. Some call it automatic writing.

I sense the glow of spirits as they come to me. It’s so natural to feel. I cannot “picture” their body for in the Everywhere, there is no body needed.

It’s like standing in a field of flowers. Every flower has its own beauty and individuality. This is just how the Everywhere can best be described today. I know Everywhere will come to me differently every day and it is always perfect.

My desire is to share what I am given in the hope that it will make a difference. I saw orbs this morning. Initially, I didn’t identify them as anyone or anything specifically.

I am given that the “Everywhere” is a place where love, family, honor, trust and peace prevail. There is no strife or sadness. Love is all there is. Some call it the Other Side, Heaven or Through the Veil.

These beautiful orbs are encircling me as they come down the mountain to welcome me. I recognized the energies of Pap, Nana and many close friends. My wife who passed, Barb is here and although she did not spend much time in this moment with me, it was warm and “complete”. We accomplished our assignment. I am so happy I stayed with Barb until she passed, and she was glad I was there. We completed our assignment.

My grandfather, Pap, has always been there for me. His guidance is so loving and wonderful. I honor his presence in watching over me when he was here in human form and now as he stays with me in Spirit. And Nana, my grandmother whom everyone adored is always supporting and loving even though not usually communicating with me. Just her presence in my heart is so perfect.

The lessons are here. Feeling the love of the orbs is such an overwhelming gift. I cannot see details, only presences in the orbs. It is a feeling of purpose and completion as I travel among them to gather information. Those in the Everywhere are here to help, guide and support all of us on our journey.

The EVERYWHERE is like a waterless ocean of ALL THAT IS. In our current life, we are part of the whole. Lives now, before, and after, sort of happen concurrently although the only life we currently sense is our present life which we refer to “life as we know it”. It is life as we know it NOW; but the real life we comprehend is always, ever present and our soul is a part of the whole.

Each of us has meaning and values to learn before we move on.

Value is life.

Every living thing is important. There are no differences here. Differences only exist in our minds. We are teased with the temptation of trying to be different and yet we really are not.

We are an ever-evolving, individual presence that is always learning new lessons to continue to keep our souls “living in the moment”.

So really, death is a “state of mind”. Our presence continues in our spirit. It is like hanging up our robe, (our body) and stepping as Spirit into the Everywhere.

When we say, “the power and the glory of the soul” This is the true meaning of everywhere and everything. The power and the glory of the spirit. It is the true meaning of life. The power of it ALL.

This is special. I sense the orbs represent so many thousands and thousands around me who are smiling and saying … yeah, it’s okay.

It’s all about love and happiness.

Be a Good Spirit...

Be in Good Spirits...

That’s all for today...