Who is Just Plain Bill?

bill holtry just plain bill

I was born on March 27, 1948 to a farm family in central Pennsylvania. Our family always identified ourselves as just Plain People, somewhere in between Mennonites and Amish. When I was young, I remember looking up Plain People in the encyclopedia and frankly, it accurately described my family. We were a typical large farm family as we lived with my grandparents, aunts and uncles.

My pony, Nellie and I were born on the same day. From day one, we had a special bond as we grew up together. She was my favorite along with our collie, Major. Each of us thought Major was our protector from the outside world or at least I thought so.

Being the first born of my generation, I was the elder like my grandfather was in our church. My father, the middle son, had to seek employment as there were not enough assets to start a farm for him. So, my grandfather, Pap, designated me his “sidekick” as I was growing up on the farm. I was with Pap constantly, especially while my Dad was away at the feed mill working. Our family conversations often went late into the evenings after a day in the fields.

We had many conversations on our wrap-around front porch as we listened to the corn grow during summer rains. It was one of my favorite memories with my family and Pap. Pap’s assignment, or at least part of it, was to prepare me for later in life when I would receive lessons from the Everywhere.

The Everywhere was something I sensed as a youngster based on conversations with my Pap. Years later, I have learned that a great plan was created for me along the way.

In preparation, I was the first in my family to graduate from college while little did I know what life would bring me years later. There was a grand plan and yet I was unaware.

Well into my 68th year on my current journey, I was blessed with the gift to connect with those in the Everywhere who could tell me of great lessons learned while on their journeys and what makes the Everywhere, well everywhere.

My Pap, as you will see, taught me well in preparation of who I was to be. Pap spent endless hours with me just being my grandpa. But even with his passing, Pap’s time with me was far from finished. In fact, the lessons continue many years after his passing.

As you read, you will discover these lessons are offered for all to learn, listen and feel the values of life. These are messages that the Everywhere has prepared for us.

I am Just Plain Bill and am only the messenger. I just deliver the mail as they say.

My hope is that you gain understanding and peace from the lessons. Make sure you focus on the true meaning of life and what it’s all about for us, as humans.

Always remember the values... family, love, honor, trust, and peace. Carry these with you throughout your journey.

May you have a wonderful and peace-filled day.

Bill Holtry
AKA Just Plain Bill

Bill Holtry grew up a plain person on a farm in the Amish region of central Pennsylvania.

He was mentored by his grandfather, Pap, who lived by the values he taught: family, love, honor, trust, and peace.

On September 12, 2016, Bill sat down with his laptop and waited. Messages that focus on the true meaning of life began to pour in and he started to type.

He shares those lessons in Here, There and Everywhere.